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If you do not have the time or knowledge to internally develop and maintain the courses, we will work with you and your experts to collect, organize, design, write and create engaging interactive eLearning courses.

If you would like to live stream your seminars or conferences that automatically become part of eLearning courses, we will help you realize your idea.

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Key features to meet all your training needs.

Reduce costs

No transportationlodgingmealsadditional equipmentlogisticsabsences, ...

Extend your reach

Reach students who may not be physically present due to distance or time constraints.

Enrich existing

Enrich your traditional classes with extra material.


Quickly scale training to a large number of trainees.

Empower your brand

You get the opportunity to strengthen your brand.

Take advantage of cost effectiveness

Low cost of implementation of the solution.


Simultaneous and consecutive translation

When a seminar is held in a physical space, ie. conference room, simultaneous and consecutive translation usually requires some expensive equipment. For online seminars, this eLearning service does not require additional equipment.






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In 10 days you need to educate 10.000 trainees, test them and hand over certificates, and you haven't even started?

If you call us right away, we can help.

Scaling and implementation

Unlike traditional classroom education, this eLearning service can be extremely scalable. It can serve an unlimited number of participants at any time.


Online training provides a great deal of flexibility as trainees can learn at their own pace, where and when they want, spend incomparably less time, as opposed to long-term physical classes that are difficult to organize and deliver.

Easy material update

The eLearning service enables instructors to effortlessly create new training material in any field and provides the opportunity to quickly create new courses and seminars. By providing this option, trainees can keep up to date with all the latest trends and knowledge they need to acquire.

Cost effective

Being able to have a large number of courses and learning materials without the need for expensive physical textbooks and associated logistics, makes this eLearning service great for any field. The institution can educate professionals for dozens of different specialties, with a small and predictable fee.

Your certificate

Certificate of successful completion of the course

Attendees will automatically receive your certificate of completion of the course, which they will be able to share with their friends, relatives, co-workers and their supervisors. The certificates will help them demonstrate their accomplishments in the areas that have been the topics of your course. We almost forgot, each certificate has a unique accompanying bar code.

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